Art Decorum gallery gives professional advice in the field of creating collections of works of art for companies, collectors and private entities.

The gallery offers permanent cooperation as to:

  • searching out objects among bids and collectors
  • advising on chosen objects, their artistic value and investment profitability
  • taking care of existing collections of works of art, their digital saving and cataloguing
  • advising in the area of preservation
  • acting as an agent in insuring works of art

cataloguing collections of works of art

Art Decorum Contemporary Art Gallery, the creator of the first in Poland digital archive of works of art and collections of the Cracow Palace of Art of the Fine Arts Association, the archive encompassing several thousand objects, recommends its services within the following areas:

  • Digital archiving of works of art and collections for companies, collectors, private persons and institutions
  • Digital registration of any private and state collections of: works of art, library collections, manuscripts, books, antique books, incunabula, maps, documents and photographs
  • Photographic archiving of monuments and museum objects
  • Professional cataloguing, describing and pricing of works of art and collections
  • Preparing professional opinion on physical state of works of art and collections
  • Conservation of works of art and collections
  • Documenting of works of art and collections on any kind of digital media (CD, DVD, mini DV, portable hard disc, digital printout) or found in specialised multimedia bases enabling presentation, control and search of objects
  • Making specialised stickers/ catalogue marks

Benefits effecting from digital cataloguing of works of art and collections:

  • Facilitated management of works of art and collections
  • Possibility of fast identification of works of art and collections
  • Possibility of supervision of actual state of works of art and collections
  • Facilitation in case of insurance or stealth of works of art and collections

Currently, Art Decorum Art Gallery is preparing digital cataloguing of art collections owned by BRE BANK SA; the Gallery manages the database and updates its content.

The Gallery continues the digitalization of the collections owned by the Fine Arts Association in Cracow with tits seat in the Palace of Art, in the manor house of Jan Matejko in Krzesławice and the Museum- Karol Estreicher’s mansion.

conservation and renovation

Gallery Art Decorum offers a large variety of services related to conservation of works of art. Specialized services are provided by expert conservators who are graduates from the Department of Conservation of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Scope of activity:

  • >Conservation of easel paintings - complete range of services
  • Conservation of wooden sculptures covered with polychromy - complete range of services
  • Conservation of wall painting and wooden ceilings - complete range of services
  • Conservation of works on paper - basic range of services
  • Conservation of fabrics - basic range of services
  • Preparation of any and all expert opinions concerning conservation of easel and wall painting and sculpture covered with polychromy
  • Carrying out works aimed at discovering polychromy on different objects complete range of services and emergency services
  • Emergency works aimed at preserving wall polychromy exposed during construction works
  • Conservation of gilt frames - complete range of services
  • Maintaining permanent co-operation with a specialized chemical workshop carrying out examinations of objects
  • Possibility to carry out independent works as well as to form teams of licensed conservators
  • Possibility of working in places which are distant from towns/cities
  • Preparation of a full documentation of works with the use of computer methods and digital photography
  • Preparation of digital documentation and cataloguing of private collections
  • Possibility to form a firm (when needed)

insuring works of art

Insurance period: 12 months or more.

Insuring against: burglary and theft, fire and other unpredicted events

Objects insured:

  • Works of art
  • Collections
  • Jewellery
  • Objects made of metals or precious stones
  • Gold and silver coins
  • All kinds of armour.

The scope of insurance:

  • burglary and theft
  • unpredicted events such as: fire, direct stroke of lightning, explosion, implosion, aircraft collapse, flood, hurricane (13,9 m/s), rainstorm, hail, earthquake, earth collapse or landslide, avalanche, smoke and soot, vehicle blow, ultrasound noise, indirect stroke of lightning, collapsing trees, buildings, and technical device, flooding.

The insurer holds responsibility when:

  • the insuring party possesses an alarm system signaling burglary or robbery occurring in distance from the object insured, with engagement of security agents or with permanent supervision of a house or an apartment, what is confirmed by a written agreement concluded with a security agency.
    In case of lack of the above mentioned protection, the inured objects have to be kept in relevant saves.
  • The insuring party possesses pricing and certificates of authenticity
  • The insuring party possesses documents confirming the purchase of the given work of art and is able to present them for photographic registration.

editorial work

Art Decorum Contemporary Art Gallery edits albums, catalogues, brochures, books and DVD concerning the realm of art.

Scope of performed work:

  • Digital photographs of works of art
  • Digital processing of photographs and illustrations, retouch
  • Processing of archival materials and texts
  • Translating foreign language texts
  • Layout /graphic project preparation
  • Desktop publishing and correction
  • Preparation to printing, printing, correction while printing

Demonstration editions can be found on