medals and statuette

Art Decorum Gallery offers fine artistic bronze medals designed and made by sculptors. A design of a medal can be delivered by the ordering party or it can be prepared by the Gallery according to their instructions.

Here are a few selected realisations:

"Alfa Poland 2018" Medals with the Boxes

Diameter: 6 cm

“The Polish Rectors Foundation 10th Anniversary” medals with boxes

Size: 9.5x14.3 cm

The Sculptures – The Polish Rectors Foundation Statuettes with FRP logo

Height: 20 cm

“The Fine Arts Association in Krakow, The Fine Art Palace Diploma 2004” medal

Diameter: 11 cm

“150 years of The Fine Arts Association in Krakow” medal

Diameter: 11 cm

„The Drummer” – unique, bronze, granite

Height: 38,5 cm Base dimensions: 31.5 x 39 cm Attached logo and initials for special orders

„Violinist” – UNIQUE, bronze, granite

Height: 60 cm

„Guitarist” – UNIQUE, bronze, marble

Height: 55 cm