Jerzy Treit

   JERZY TREIT was born on 24.12. 1969 in Opole, Poland. He attended State Secondery School of Fine Arts in Zakopane. Afterwards he started to study history of art at The Catholic University in Lublin in 19991. During the studies he founded, with B. Słomka the famous Art Gallery: Galeria 1. In which he organized exhibitions of artists such as: R. Olbiński, the friend of Picasso- Nejad, T. Kulisiewicz, Ryszard Miłek and S. Rodziński.
   In 1992 he received an art grant and went to Paris. There he met Eva Aeppli a known swiss painters and sculptress, D. Spoerri a new realist and Jean Ives Moch an art critic associated, among others, with the Pompidou Centre. He participated in many artistic events in Paris and had an atelier there. Right now he is living in Poland.
   Important individual exhibitions:
   1989 Municipal Art Gallery Limanowa
   1989 Gallery of Cultural Centre Nowy Sącz
   1990 Galeria 1 Lublin
   1991 Cracow Philharmony
   1992 Expo Sewilla (the picture painted for STU Theater Cracov, 9m x 6m)
   1992 Galeria 1 Lublin
   1993 Gallery Clair Paris
   1994 Gallery AE Caubert France
   1995 Galeria 1 Lublin
   2000 Centre of Contemporary Art Solvay Cracow
   2001 M B W A – Nowy Sącz
   2002 Galeria sztuki Wspólczesnej- Myślenice
   2002 Galeria “Atelier” Krakow
   2002 Galeria “Pod Cherubinem” Myślenice
   2002 Galeria Hotelu “ELEKTOR” Cracow
   2002 Pałac Sztuki Cracow